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Asya LavasAsya Lavas

Size and Shape

Asya Lavas breads are cooked in the desired thickness, weight, size and shape.

Surface size: 38cm x 25cm
Thickness: 0,5mm
Weight: 45gr


Asya Lavas are packed in requested standards. Generally, put 50 pieces and 5 pieces of lavas bread into one plastic package.

Retention Life

Asya Lavas breads maintain 4 days at room temperature, 7 days at +4 Celsius and 6 months at -18 Celsius.


Inside Istanbul: Asya Lavas Breads is distributed on the same day by our vehicles.
Outside of Istanbul: After one working day, it will be delivered by cargo to the buyer.
Outside Turkey: Lavas bread packages are placed in the boxes at Asya Lavas. The order is sent to the cold weather storage and shocked in there. Immediately, the order is shipped to the recipient with the special transport company.