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"Asya Lavas is a leading and well-known brand of Turkey producing thin pita (Lavash)"

In 2002, It started its activities with 4 employees working in wood firewood tandem lavash. With 60 employees, it works for brands known by the food industry. Today, It produces lavash bread cooked in fully automatic machine systems. Asya Lavas also makes handmade lavash bread. Istanbul Avciar has a working area of 800 square meters. Asya Lavas distributes lavas bread to European countries as well.

The main sectors served are listed below;

  • Restaurants
  • Fast food chains
  • Gyro (Doner) fast food restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Social facilities
  • Schoolas

It uses the best quality flour and yeast. There are 2 types of lavash bread. "Lavash for roll kebap" and "Lavas for roll Turkish kisir" are cooked in Asya Lavas. Asya Lavas distributes an average of 60,000 lavas of bread per day. Asya Lavas production capacity is 100.000.